June 02, 2016

Straight from the jungle to the art fair.

Today a broad selection of recently discovered Terra Ultima specimen was relocated to Amsterdam for a display at the KunstRAI art fair. The transportation was handled with great care and we are happy to say that all species arrived in ultimate health and condition. They will remain at the fair until Sunday, June 5. We hope a suitable habitat will be found for each of them. Preferably one were they’ll be able to flourish and possibly multiply.

The fragile Sheen Green Harefly (Libellula lagoformosa) is carefully placed in the temporary transportation unit.
May 24, 2016

The new website is online!

After months of hard work and testing, the new Raoul Deleo website is finally online. Deleo teamed up with the designers of Z2. They did a great job implementing Deleo’s design wishes and delivered a wonderfully simple but rich and effective website.
The website has a shop where the latest artworks and prints by Deleo can be purchased in a safe and secure way. Deleo has been busy to prepare, sign and number all the prints. Optionally the prints are sold framed as well. Please note that shipping of the framed version is more expensive because of weight and insurance.
We hope you will enjoy the new website and invite you to have a look around.
If you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to leave a message. It will be greatly appreciated!

Freshly signed and numbered prints anxiously waiting to decorate yet unknown walls.
March 26, 2016

Last one of the exclusive Flamingo Fawn sold.

Today, the last one of the exclusive limited edition print of the Phoenicopterus cervocephalus (number 3) is sold. The Flamingo Fawn, discovered and introduced to the world less than a year ago, did receive a warm welcome. The first publication of the discovery in Volkskrant magazine initiated an overwhelming response. The original painting was exhibited and sold during the ‘Terra Ultima’ show at gallery Untitled in Rotterdam. Now, the exclusive life size edition of 3 framed prints is sold as well. Rare and shy, this animal can now only be seen in the habitats she has entered this past year.
If you happen to encounter the animal, please send me a photo!

Raoul Deleo with the last exclusive framed limited edition print (no.3 / 3). (photo: Sonja ten Cate)
March 03, 2016

The Flamingo Fawn migrates to Amsterdam.

This Thursday, the Phoenicopterus cervocephalus (number 2 of the exclusive limited edition print) moved to her new habitat in Amsterdam. The new owner received elaborate care and grooming instructions to make sure this delicate creature will be met in all her needs.

The Phoenicopterus Cervocephalus in it's original habitat.
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