June 17, 2016

Find and win an original painting!

Starting this Friday, dutch newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’ will publish one fairytale a week in it’s cultural section ‘V’. Each tale originates in a different culture and will contain a moral that still has actual value. Art historian Wieteke van Zeil selected and rewrote the tales. They will be accompanied by a painting by the hand of Deleo. In total six fairytales and illustrations will be published in one-and-a-half month.

In all the illustrations clues are hidden that point to a particular spot in the Netherlands. On this location one of the original ‘fairytale’ paintings is hidden. The one who finds the painting, wins and may keep the original artwork. However, the puzzle is not simple to solve and the solution can only be found by closely examining all the 6 illustrations.

Good luck to everyone who decides to give it a try!