October 01, 2022

Terra Ultima book awarded ‘Het Gouden Penseel’.

This Friday, September 29, during “het Kinderboekenbal” (the Children’s Book Gala), the book “Terra Ultima” has been awarded “Het Gouden Penseel” (the Golden Paintbrush) for the best illustrated children’s book of 2021. The award is one of the major literary prizes for Dutch Children’s and Young Adult literature.

Each year the jury of the CPNB (their main mission: to enrich people’s lives by having them read more books) selects and awards the best books published in the previous year. The winner of the Golden Paintbrush was selected from all the Silver Paintbrush winners awarded earlier this year.

Deleo: “I am really honored and flabbergasted at the same time. The book about the discovery of an unknown continent has been so lucky to get so much praise and publicity. As the discoverer, explorer and illustrator, this is all (and more) I hoped and wished for. A major thank you to everyone that helped me publish this book, especially the compiler, Noah J. Stern, and my publisher, Lannoo.”