September 05, 2021

Terra Ultima book on shortlist Jan Wolkers prize.

The Jan Wolkers Prize is awarded annually for the best book about nature published in the Netherlands. The book ‘Terra Ultima’ has been been nominated by the jury and placed on a shortlist among 4 other publications.

The jury wrote the following about ‘Terra Ultima’:

“The book is a rare and beautiful report full of newcomers to the animal kingdom captured by the hand of a master….With his skilled drawing pen, Deleo playfully and intelligently refers to his colleagues from history, such as John James Audubon, John Gould and Charles Darwin…Terra Ultima is not only a new authoritative guide, but also a celebration of wonder and imagination.”

In radio show “Vroege Vogels” Deleo was interviewed by Rob Buiter in nature reserve the Biesbosch, together with his colleague and archivist Noah J. Stern.

The interview can be heard here.

Fully deserved, The magnificent book by Hans Mulder entitled “De ontdekking van de natuur” was eventually awarded best book of the year.

Raoul Deleo in a canoe in nature reserve The Biesbosch (photo by Rob Buiter) and interviewed by Henny Radstaak in The Hortus Botanicus Leiden
April 07, 2021

Book about the exploration of Terra Ultima

Finally! Almost two decades after Deleo started his quest for the mysterious and miraculous landmass of Terra Ultima, a book is compiled of the first three major expeditions to this unknown continent.

Especially for this book, compiler and colleague explorer Noah J. Stern was granted access to Deleo’s impressive collection of drawings, objects and travel logs. He transformed the enormous amount of material into a comprehensible account of a discovery with unparalleled natural historic value.
Publisher Lannoo, in close consultation with Deleo, managed to create and design a book that pleases the eye and in the meantime will satisfy the cry for in-depth information about this remote and uncharted region of the earth. The book will become available on the 20th of April, 2021. For now, it is published in the Dutch language only, but translations might become available in the near future.

‘Terra Ultima, de ontdekking van een onbekend continent’
Archive and artwork by Raoul Deleo
Compiled by Noah J. Stern
Hardcover, 80 pages
Size: 38 cm x 28 cm / 15” x 11”
Published by Lannoo
Language: Dutch

February 20, 2020

Dirtybird anniversary art show.

Five years ago, late 2014, Raoul Deleo was contacted by Barclay Crenshaw (alias Claude VonStroke), the founder of Dirtybird Records. The record company would be celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2015 and asked Deleo to be their “artist in residence” for that year.

Deleo felt honored, but had then just recently traced back the location of the forlorn continent of Terra Ultima and was preparing his first expedition to the mystic landmass. So the two, Crenshaw and Deleo, decided that the upcoming releases of Dirtybird would be the first to introduce the newly discovered species encountered during the primary expedition to Terra Ultima.

Now, five years on, Dirtybird is celebrating their fifteenth anniversary and two days ago, on February 18th, they organized an art show in Los Angeles, USA, to honor all the artists working for them the past 15 years.

Deleo was asked to ship a few prints and one original painting for the art show. Fortunately all arrived in mint condition and just in time. Although not be able to visit the show himself, reports on the internet and social media reassured Deleo the show was a success.

Compilation of images found on the internet and social media.
February 10, 2020

Finissage “New Discoveries” solo show.

Last Sunday, February 9, the solo show “New Discoveries” at gallery Untitled festively ended.

Kris Berry introduced her new album with a series of beautiful songs. Her song Perfect Storm coincidentally matched the weather outside the gallery. Ciara was right at that moment raging over the Netherlands.

This time Raoul Deleo was interviewed by Kees Moeliker, the director of the Museum of Natural History of Rotterdam. They’ve known each other from several previous occasions and the chemistry between the two resulted in an amusing conversation, shedding light on the controversies and dilemmas involved when discovering and exploring a new continent.

Kees Moeliker to the left, The Pinguilagus pseudopticus in the middle, Raoul Deleo to the right ~ photos by © Sem Rietstap
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