February 10, 2020

Finissage “New Discoveries” solo show.

Last Sunday, February 9, the solo show “New Discoveries” at gallery Untitled festively ended.

Kris Berry introduced her new album with a series of beautiful songs. Her song Perfect Storm coincidentally matched the weather outside the gallery. Ciara was right at that moment raging over the Netherlands.

This time Raoul Deleo was interviewed by Kees Moeliker, the director of the Museum of Natural History of Rotterdam. They’ve known each other from several previous occasions and the chemistry between the two resulted in an amusing conversation, shedding light on the controversies and dilemmas involved when discovering and exploring a new continent.

Kees Moeliker to the left, The Pinguilagus pseudopticus in the middle, Raoul Deleo to the right ~ photos by © Sem Rietstap