March 26, 2016

Last one of the exclusive Flamingo Fawn sold.

Today, the last one of the exclusive limited edition print of the Phoenicopterus cervocephalus (number 3) is sold. The Flamingo Fawn, discovered and introduced to the world less than a year ago, did receive a warm welcome. The first publication of the discovery in Volkskrant magazine initiated an overwhelming response. The original painting was exhibited and sold during the ‘Terra Ultima’ show at gallery Untitled in Rotterdam. Now, the exclusive life size edition of 3 framed prints is sold as well. Rare and shy, this animal can now only be seen in the habitats she has entered this past year.
If you happen to encounter the animal, please send me a photo!

Raoul Deleo with the last exclusive framed limited edition print (no.3 / 3). (photo: Sonja ten Cate)